From Antique to Eclectic- How to Choose the Right Accent Pieces

From Antique to Eclectic- How to Choose the Right Accent Pieces

In our last two write-ups we largely shared with you readers the beauty of accent walls. this one are shedding light on accenting homes- why and how. as mentioned earlier just not walls but pieces antiques table accents sculptures or furniture accent. choice is us homeowners family members. however while choosing need to paint landscape mind an overall picture spaces so know fit perfectly only add warmth colour also character homes. decor a home what accessories outfit. simple outfit can turn into something unique by adding dramatic bag colourful shoes statement jewellery piece. same holds true for decorating styling room without any looks bare impersonal. another layer space. they make it feel textured lived-in giving legacy story interior.


An accent piece could be anything from an antique kansa/brass pot reused as a vase or a planter or it could be a more eclectic piece like a headlight of a truck refurbished as a floor lamp. Infact with the19th art-deco style coming back to the foray in a huge way, furniture from that period could be the center accent piece too. The possibilities are immense. We need to don our creative cap here. 


Apart from budget and space constraint, below we are highlighting the things to keep in mind while choosing accents for our homes: 

  • Always choose quality over quantity: Instead of buying many knick-knacks, we recommend one accent piece that will uplift the game of our entire interior space. 
  • Match the accents with style: If home already has a style, then it is best to buy the accent that matches with style 
  • Setting Colours: In case homes are dominated by neutral colours it is advisable to get accents with dramatic colours and neural accents if spaces are already colourful. 
  • Balancing: Think of accents as decorations on a cake or creating the perfect bouquet. Large accessories should be placed first and sparingly, with medium- and small-sized accessories filling in and adding balance where needed. 
  • Breathing Space: In quest for accents, sometimes the home gets cluttered as a result homes look overly done up.Not every nook and cranny in a room need to be filled with accents. 
Trust: Buy your decor accents trustworthy stores, who would give you genuine handmade and handcrafted beauties.

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