Preserving sustainability and heritage

Preserving sustainability and heritage

Happy 2023! May this year bring abundance and prosperity for everyone. At Yellow Verandah our goal for 2023 is to ensure that our clients enjoy their homes through our curated handmade, environment friendly, beautiful products from the length and breadth of our country.


As a brand-new year unfolds, it brings with it the predictions not only of our star signs but also about the trending color tone and decor style. Color and interior decor of the year 2023, the experts clearly indicate sustainable dramatic and cozy homes with a dash of vintage . And our store is all for it.


A reminiscence from our last write-up where we shared the secret of a beautiful gallery wall, these walls are one place where vintage doors and windows can be used  to dramatize your personal space. Actually nothing is more dramatic than using doors and windows from old havelis in far away places, either in hand-painted or in its natural form. They carry with them stories of their past and stand tall on your wall gallery with all the elegance and pride of a true royalty.


These doors and windows we usually, at Yellow Verandah, source from heritage places for their tremendous workmanship. Some of them we leave in their original state and on some doors and windows, our celebrated artists paint gorgeous motifs from India's rich heritage. On others they depict stories from Indian mythology and history through miniature paintings. These doors and windows in your gallery end us dramatizing your homes and also become your prized possession that can be passed on through generations.


The biggest things about these doors and windows are the fact that: 

1. We celebrate artisanal work and old school craftsmanship

Behind every upcycled product, our belief is to support our artisans, and artists and celebrate the highest level of handmade craftsmanship that are rare finds in today's time.

2. We support local and rural industry

By bringing these rare finds to you, we all, together, support indigenous, local and small businesses. Thus, contributing to the social and economic upliftment of the rural village economy. 

3. We make art for everyone

Since we use reclaimed materials, our manufacturing cost reduces drastically, we are able to reach every home. Making art not constricted to just a section of the society only.


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