Wall Accents that Wow: Express your style

Wall Accents that Wow: Express your style

In the fluid world that we live in…along with gender even our spaces cannot be boxed into a single category anymore. On the one hand, our homes have become our offices and on the other hand, our offices have doubled as our child’s tuition zone. In a small apartment, even the bedroom and its décor are visible to the outside world thanks to online meetings. Covid has changed the way interior spaces are viewed and lived forever. There is a scramble for every space owner (self-owned or rented) to make each of their interior spaces unique, ascetic and more importantly, stamp it with their personality.


At Yellow Verandah, we strongly believe, especially where our home is concerned, Rome was not built in a day. We can rent or buy a space in a day but converting that space into our home takes time. Sometimes years or decades, as our personalities evolve, so does our home. What and who we were in our 20s is completely different from what we became in our 30s every decade makes us think differently, in our style, outlook and viewpoint and it automatically reflects in our taste for interior spaces too. With all these constraints in our minds, how do we style our homes? What do we buy? How do we collect things to make our house into our home?


The first step to building an aesthetic interior living space is functionality, one should not dare to sacrifice functionality in the name of beauty. Beauty and functionality should go hand in hand where our homes are concerned. Especially when we are starting with our décor journey or have small spaces, our suggestion is to use one of the walls as an accent piece and build the rest of the décor and furniture around it. By choosing an accent wall we save space and have a focal point to build for an aesthetic home journey first.



Selecting the right colour for the accent wall can seal or unseal the décor jourey of your ascetic space, we suggest pastel shades, but in case we are adventurous we can go in for dramatic colours like scarlet red, electric blue or moss green and then fill up the wall with photos, prints or wall hangings depending on what you collected, what you brought or gathered. The age-old saying something old and something new...fits in perfectly here.


We all have memories, some of us keep memories in our hearts and some in our memory boxes, take out those memories and frame them for our accent wall, it could be dried-up flowers, movie tickets, or a trinket that we have collected or found.  


Another excellent idea for the accent wall is fabrics, all of us have discarded clothes, made from beautiful textiles that no longer serve our purpose, instead of chucking them off...framing them too is a great idea. Voila, our accent wall transitions into an eye-grabbing space.


Framing them well is an art, not every store can do it for us. Only if the things are framed well and placed well on the wall would it define our accent wall, well.


Take a look at the ready-made beauties you can use for your accent wall from us Link.


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